I am passionate about helping academic authors get published.

Make sure your research paper, journal article, dissertation, or book stands out.

Is your native language something other than English?

If you're writing for a journal that publishes in English, whether in Europe, the United States or elsewhere, but English is not your native language, I can polish your writing so that it reads like it was written by a native speaker.

Is it your first time publishing in an academic journal?

If you're not sure of the formats and conventions needed, don't worry! I've been writing and editing academic materials for nearly two decades. I'm familiar with a number of style manuals, including APA, MLA, etc.

Is your research groundbreaking, but you're not sure how to get that across?

With clear, straightforward prose, I can ensure that your originality, new methodology, and cutting-edge insights are clear to your readership.

Are you on a tight deadline?

I know how important it is to meet academic and publishing deadlines. I work fast without sacrificing quality.